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Viscous Elastic Paste
Viscous Elastic Paste Viscous Elastic Paste Viscous Elastic Paste
  • Viscous Elastic Paste

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Viscous Elastic Paste is a product for corrosion protection of under- and aboveground moulding to flanges, valves, thermite welds and fittings that work under ma. operating temperatures of 70 degrees C.

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Viscous elastic paste is a new-type high-performance visco-elastic polyolefin material. It preserves the dual characteristics of the solid adhesive material and liquid adhesive material. In normal conditions, its visco-elastic property will keep above 30 years. Viscous elastic paste has excellent visco-elastic , sound water-proof and easy-used characters.

Viscous Elastic Paste Features:

Ø  Viscous elastic paste can be used in the surface of steel, PE, PP, FBE etc. directly.

Ø  Completely compatible to other coating (three-layer PE, CTE-coating, asphaltum)

Ø  Excellent chemical resistance and sealing, it is completely water-proof.

Ø  Viscous elastic paste can be self-repair for light defects.

Ø  Viscous elastic paste  is useful to pipeline joint anticorrosion and repair, also for elbow pipe, pipe bending, three joints and insulated flange.

Ø  Widely applicable temperature(it can be installed between -30~60℃).

Ø  The Construction Quality can be handled. It seldom affects by the environment and the operator.

Ø  Viscous elastic paste can be stored in long time and the material it adopts is eco-friendly.


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