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Scope of business of CYG Changtong

Scope of business: R&D, Sales, technical service and site installation service as well as varied coatings sales and service (excluding the flammable, combustible and toxic dangerous chemicals) such as the pipeline corrosion protection heat shrinkable materials, heat shrinkable (torch heated) pressure sensitive tapes, heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable sleeve, hot melting adhesive, cold-applied tapes, viso-elastic anticorrosion materials, flexible anode riveting, optical cable termination box, magnesium anode, zinc anode, aluminum anode, buried long-acting reference electrode, test pile, epoxy FRP, photo-curing protection sleeve, underground PE warning sheet or tape.

CYG Changtong devotes itself to R&D, production, sales detection and construction of multi-series pipeline corrosion protection materials.

CYG Changtong is the Member of Council in Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection (CSCP) and owns the Qualification Certification of Corrosion Protection design, construction, detection ect.

CYG Changtong is a national high-tech enterprise, with more than ten independent intellectual properties.

CYG Changtong is the First-class supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec and China Gas Group. 

CYG Changtong is the Principal supplier of corrosion protection materials in a number of large projects such as West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project 2nd Pipeline, West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project 3rd Pipeline, Sichuan-East Natural Gas Transmission Project and Russia-China Crude Oil Transmission Project Mohe-Daqing Pipeline.

CYG High-temperature resistant 80 heat shrinkable sleeve has been tested and certified by DVGW.

Both pipeline heat shrinkable materials and visco-elastic anticorrosion tape and paste win the works approval and products certification by China Classification Society (CCS)

CYG Changtong has passed and obtained ISO 9000 Quality Management System certification, ISO 14000 Environment Management System certification, OHSAS 18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System certification.


“Specialty makes high quality and service brings beautiful future”. With professional design, top quality products and innovative service, CYG Changtong wins trust from wide clients and wins respect from peers in the same industry.  We sincerely wish to join hands with you and become the best partner of your pipeline safety!


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