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CYG CHANGTONG is a holding subsidiary of CYG Group Company and an important part of CYG. It has been established for 17 years. CYG CHANGTONG is the largest supplier of filed joint anti-corrosion materials for China's long-distance oil and gas pipelines.


CYG CHANGTONG has a full set of equipments needed for the production of heat shrinkable materials, including all testing equipments for incoming inspection, production process inspection, type testing, owns the largest and most complete testing center in this field and postdoctoral workstations with authoritative certification, besides we have established a long-term cooperation relations with many famous universities, for example, Beijing University of Science and Technology Institutions.


CYG Changtong is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 18000 certified enterprise.  Its products and service was certified by the China Classification Society, besides, the FRDP heat shrink sleeve is certified by Germany DVGW.

CYG owns various corrosion protection materials for pipeline field joints, including heat shrink sleeve, visco-elastic tape, heat shrinkable pressure sensitive sleeve, cold applied tape, Cathodic protection materials, Epoxy Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic Wraparound Coating, etc.   


CYG CHANGTONG owns more than 35% market share in China's domestic market (CYG Changtong services for more than 6000km pipe every year)

In the Indian market, we have offered FRDP heat shrink sleeve to Rigil for water pipeline project in 2013.

Note: Rigil Techno India Pvt. Ltd.  is our Indian Representative Partner for Oil & Gas Pipelines.